All Details About Contract Research Organization

What is a Contract Research Organization? What are the challenges of Contract Research Organization? How to participate? What are the guarantees ? What confidentiality for my health data? Born of a joint initiative between various key players in Contract Research Organization including which is involved in this project through the participation of a user representative on its behalf was designed as an educational information tool on clinical trials, accessible and understandable for all.

This site also reviews the major news on Contract Research Organization, thus offering concrete illustrations of the usefulness of clinical trials in terms of therapeutic progress. A glossary is made available to users to help them discover and understand Contract Research Organization and its environment. 

For those who want to go further, the links to the registers and sites of the main actors in Contract Research Organization are also listed. Finally, users are invited, for each theme, to test their knowledge by means of quick quizzes.



It was designed to be easy to use for associations and patients and allows any site or blog to easily integrate elements for its own visitors. The layout of the site adapts to the consultation environment, computers, tablets and mobiles.

This website is not intended to interfere between a patient and his doctor. While it provides a great deal of precise information on clinical trials, it is above all intended to be an incentive and precursor to the complementary and direct exchanges that the patient and his doctor would have on Contract Research Organization.

All of these partners make up the editorial committee which has been set up to work on the content of the site and its developments.

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